Get ready to be impressed by the Exo Lightstick

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It is no wonder that the Exo Light stick is the first choice in accessories for all Kpop fans. Its impressive features are hard to miss, and everything from the design to the functionality make it the perfect choice for any live concert. The signature logo also makes it a great way to extend your open support to the gang at their live performance.

 Impressive features of the Light stick from Exo – a knowhow

The Light stick from Exo has a long battery life, of nearly 7 hours; enough to last you an entire concert. The lighting is also very bright, ensuring you are fully satisfied with the effect it creates. This is not just another piece of merchandise for fans to express their support for their group. The Light stick from Exo is an identity factor for Kpop fans, as it is reliable, efficient and good-looking.

Whether you are at a live concert or simply relaxing at home with the EXO concert music streaming through your speakers, the Exo light stick simply enhances the overall experience. However, the features are truly appealing at a live show. It takes just few minutes to download the Wyeth app on your mobile and be a big part of the fan experience by tying your light stick to the lighting on the stage. Light stick is a device which is dedicated and totally based on music and enhancing the best forms of music in a live concert. It elaborates on the qualities of a good musical concert.

Simply key in your seat number and watch your light stick do the rest of the magic. Imagine how stunning and awesome it would be to engross yourself in the light show that complements the great music that reverberates from the stage!

It also changes color, and you can view that on your smart phone. This greatly enhances the user experience. The latest version is more attractive than the first, as it is sturdy, less bulky and very efficient. A simple twist and fix feature ensures it holds safely to the base, and stays on for the entire duration of the show.

The Light stick from Exo is thus an amazing icon that symbolizes the Kpop fan kingdom, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Use it to show your support for the concert and enjoy yourself to the greatest extent while you do.


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If you’ve ever thrown a party, you know how important the food and beverages are. More than the attire, the theme, or the ambiance, F&B is what people look forward to the most. Even a simple shindig offers up the chance to bring your guests on a gastronomic journey. Even the most perfectly planned party can be ruined by terrible food or sour drinks. A full guest is a happy guest, and nothing gets a get-together going like an endless supply of drinks. It may not appear so, but getting all of this possible doesn’t have to be so difficult to do.

Let the Drinks Begin

You can go really high-end when you hire a bartender. But, there are a lot more perks when you choose to make the drinks on your own. If you get the best commercial juicer then you’re half way there. Having it done by yourself opens up the possibility of making it interactive. You can ask your guests to pitch in and help out to make it fun for them too. Before the party even begins, you can even assign guests different time to cover your best commercial juicer and be in charge of letting the drinks flow. Try to find out what your guests like before-hand too. You want to prepare for the party as much as possible and buying only the drinks that your guests enjoy can save you a lot of money. Don’t waste it on liquor that they’re not going to bother to even taste.

The Catered Way

While the drinks are something you can do yourself with the guests, the food is something you can leave to the professionals. Ok, so you enjoy cooking, then you can cook some dishes. But, don’t leave the entire burden on yourself! Unlike drinks, food is something that needs a lot more preparation. You have to do the cooking right before the party when you’re supposed to be taking care of other things. Another reason it’s better to have it catered is it minimizes the safety risk. You don’t want to multitask too much because you might miss something. If you have a cater take care of everything they’ll give you fresh and sumptuous meals. Like the drinks, know what the preferences of your guests are. Some might be vegetarian or have allergies to certain ingredients so it’s better to be safe than sorry.